SciArt4, 2005

4th International Symposium on Science & Art June 10 - 12, New Brunswick, NJ

Organised by: Norman J Zabusky,
Professor of Computational Fluid Dynamics,
Rutgers University, New Jersey

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Selected Works by Norman Zabusky:

Fluids in motion: Contemporary artScience- inspiration and realization — PDF file
@ ResearchGate

Space-Time Imagery in Art & Science — PDF file
for Infinite Instances Book

Measures of chaos and equipartition in integrable and nonintegrable lattices — PDF file

Fermi, Pasta, Ulam and the Birth of Experimental Mathematics — PDF file
A numerical experiment that Enrico Fermi, John Pasta, and Stanislaw Ulam reported 54 years ago continues to inspire discovery

Computational synergetics: visualization and vortex dynamics — PDF file
@ ScienceDirect

Norman Zabusky Bio @ Wikipedia

Norman Zabusky Bio @

Norman Zabusky @ 2013 Exhibition Opening
Dept. of Physics of Complex Systems
Weizmann Institute of Science

Images by Norman Zabusky Selected for the Exhibit